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Sofia Lundberg

Sofia is very passionate about art and mainly end up photographing artists and art. She is known to find that very special “thing” about people and bands and only takes on jobs that she is passionate about doing. This allows her to keep a very high standard and to work with you until you are totally satisfied with the photos. No shortcuts or “routine-work” but only genuine interest that you will be getting your message across.

Sofia has worked with and for several newspapers and magazines (both national and international), photographed live shows, releases, conventions, exhibitions, instruments, products and of course PEOPLE! She mainly works in the area of Stockholm, but can go elsewhere if required. For a couple of references, click here.

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Contact Sofia and she will give you an offer based on the overall idea for the photo-session and the amount of photos required. The price is also based on the rights for the photo. If you just want a pretty simple picture to use on your website it would be cheaper than if you want exclusive rights to do anything you wish with a photo that has been thoroughly photoshop’ed.

Discounts are offered

from time to time.


Canon EOS 5D Mark II with needed lenses and a set of Elinchrom Rangers (professional lighting).

Portable backgrounds and set up to bring a studio just about anywhere.

No electricity needed.

No location is too big a challenge!

Email Sofiamailto:sofia@bluelemononline.com?subject=Photography